[ Kaco ⊿ COVER FILE ⊿  ]

去年5月から始めた[ Kaco ⊿ COVER FILE ] 。先の見えない中でひとつひとつの歌と知り合いました。真っ白の紙に詞を書き写していると、なんか今日これ歌いたいなぁと思い浮かべて選んだ歌が、いつも"この頃の気持ち"にリンクするから不思議です。歌が持つ、説明できないものと遭遇する瞬間の一つで、COVER FILE の醍醐味なのでは、と感じたりもします。 大昔、まだ仕事とかお金とかそういう概念がなかった頃、人それぞれには役割みたいなものがあって、その中に''歌う人''という役割もあったのだとしたら 今歌う"歌"はそれに近いような気がします。もちろん現実を生きていくために必要なものはあるだろうけど、身一つ、心一つで生まれてくれるものに愛を注ぐのは、新鮮ではつらつとします。

[ Kaco ⊿COVER FILE⊿ ]に耳を澄ませてくれている皆さまへ 

あなたのおかげで、私歌う人になれます。 いつもありがとう



I started this project in May of last year. In the midst of an uncertain future, I have encountered several songs. When I'm writing lyrics on a blank sheet of paper, it's strange that the song I choose to sing today is always linked to the feelings I had at that time. It's one of those moments when you encounter something you can't explain in a song, and I think this is one of the best parts of cover files. In the old days, when there was no such thing as work or money, people had a role to play, and one of those roles was to be a singer. I feel that the "song" I sing now is similar to that. Of course, there are things that are necessary to live in reality, but pouring love into something that can be born with just one body and one heart is fresh and energetic.

To all of you who are listening carefully to "Kaco ⊿COVER FILE ⊿"

Thanks to you, I can become a person who sings. Thank you for everything.


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